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Ideas for Christmas Games 2019

Top 20 Super Ideas for Christmas Games - Ideas for Christmas Games 2019

Today we are going to share a good list of Ideas for Christmas Games, hope you will like it and make use of these to make your Christmas more exciting.

1. Guess the number of Ornaments Game Idea on Christmas

First one from our list of Ideas for Christmas Games is a good idea to begin your Christmas celebration to let your family and friends guess the number of ornaments there are on your Christmas tree, this will be fairly easy to set up and any prize of your choice can be given to put a smile on winner’s face.

2. Christmas Carol Game Idea

Another good game, where there will be several groups and each group will pick up a card and when they know what Christmas carol they have on the card, they will need to be singing in order to get scores, it is pretty fun among adults, it’s another good addition to Ideas for Christmas Games.

3. Cane Shaped Stick Candy Game Idea on Christmas

Next one from our list of Ideas for Christmas Games is an interesting game that will very much be played like spoons, however as the title suggests, candy canes are preferred to be used, so do consider having quite a few candy cane at home before you actually go on to commence your celebrations.

4. Find Out Game Idea on Christmas

How quickly your guests are able to get to know each other? This is considered a great game among adults, especially at Christmas. Exciting Ideas for Christmas Games here.

5. Photo Props Idea of Game on Christmas

It is another great way to add joy to your party, there are a lot of Merry Christmas images props you get printed out such as hats, mustaches, and reindeer. This one has made to our list of Ideas for Christmas Games as this is quite a fun game and will make your guests really exciting.

6. Christmas Charades Game Idea on Christmas

Another from our Ideas for Christmas Games is coming up with some ideas on Christmas charades, it can be a great game and will make your guests feel exciting as it has proven to be quite good among adults.

7. Mad Libs Idea Game on Christmas

It does not necessarily have to be a kids game, we are sure your guests can add some pretty fun ideas that are well suited for adults and this way your party will be more lively and your guests will have a lot of fun being a part of it, we believe it’s another good one from Ideas For Christmas Games that you will love.

8. Draw, Lose or Win Ideas for Games at Christmas Party

There are tons of ways to incorporate this with any type of things such as a song, movie or Christmas carol and have fun, it will be really fun for your party as your guests are going to love this. Ideas for Christmas Games can’t be complete without this so do try this out this Christmas.

9. Rip Christmas Tree Blindly Game Idea

Another game can be to tell your friends and family to rip Christmas tree, you can provide them with a green sheet and judge how well they will do with their hands behind them and you can pick and winner and give prize to add great fun to your party, typically everyone age 5+ can play this game. Now, this is another great addition to our Ideas for Christmas Games.

10. Prize Exchange Game Idea on Christmas

You will love this Ideas For Christmas Games as this type of game can be really fun for your guest if you have arranged prize exchange, consider placing this game as typically there are fun songs that be really exciting for the party and will have everyone laughing while gifts are being exchanged. Gifts don’t have to be expensive, but it all depends on your budget.

11. Paper Plates Game Idea for Christmas

Simple but good from Ideas For Christmas Games, you are going to need abundant paper plates as this typically involves people making a drawing of a scene based on Christmas which they have to put on their head.

12. Questions Game Idea for Christmas

Play questions games of about 20-30 questions will be exciting, this one deserves to be on our Ideas For Christmas Games and the best part is that it does not need any special effort or money, so it’s super easy to set it up and is really exciting you can make it easy or hard and ideally it has to be around Christmas topic to make it more relevant, people tend to enjoy such games a lot and this way you will get to know each other really well when it comes level to knowledge.

13. Christmas Custom Game on Christmas

A fun and simple game that be in easy, mediocre and difficult, guess will be given a card with photos on them for guests to make a guess on what tradition is that?

14. Find it Game Idea for Christmas

Another simple but interesting one from our list Ideas For Christmas Games is providing a clue or picture of the item you want your guest to find is another fun game for Christmas, be sure to set a time frame for them and everyone will love the idea, it’s pretty simple and does not require a lot of effort for you to set up, do try this out this Christmas if you have not tried it before. Kids will love that a lot but adults can join in too as it’s not meant for kids only.

15. Fun Employee Prizes Game on Christmas

You can try creating some hilarious certifications or awards for your employees as they are going to love the idea, and it will put smiles on everyone's face, that is a great idea for Christmas games. This is one of the great Ideas for Christmas Games, do consider trying this on Christmas and add some fun to your parties.

16. Snowball Game on Christmas

Snowball fights can be quite exciting, as people of all ages enjoy it, so this is another simple and interesting Ideas for Christmas Games, you can consider making smaller balls and throw at each other, ensure that everyone is ready to clean up the place after the fight is done.

17. Pop Quiz Ideaa of Game on Christmas

Next up is another one from our Ideas for Christmas Games is winner of this game will be those who wear Christmas styled sweaters, you guests will have a chance to show your of their sweaters this Christmas, gifts can be given to the winners, this will a good addition to your Christmas games you have plan for this year.

18. Trivia Game Idea on Christmas

You can set it up before parties or Christmas so your guests can play it when they have time, this is simple and really fun for everyone, this one is for both kids and adults. A good addition to our Ideas for Christmas Games, these types of games are popular as they are quite easy to arrange and do not require a lot of effort, yet they are so much fun.

19. Spoons Game Idaea for Christmas

Rather than your common spoon & egg game you are going to place ornament or any other item of your choice in the spoon and then give your guests some task and see who is the fastest to reach the goal while meeting all the requirements.

20. Sing-a-long Game on Christmas

The last one from our Ideas for Christmas Games is your guests are going to have so much fun with this, you can try singing some songs and see how good are your guests and can they keep up with you? This is well suited for adults. Do try it this Christmas.

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