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Hello Christmas

Hello Christmas - Lyrics of Christmas Songs

Hello Christmas - Lyrics of Christmas Songs


Hello Christmas
Here in the streets

The snow came back
Like a carpet all white
Hello Christmas
Hello beautiful windows
That the evening light up
For the joy of the passers-by
The small noses crash
To better admire them
And the eyes full of ecstasy are all amazing
Hello Christmas
Everyone makes his request
All hands reach out
To dreamed toys

Hello Christmas
Ring, ring bells
Today is the party 

Earth and sky

Little Christmas
I've seen lots of things
Forgive me if I dare to
ask You all this
A long tunnel
For my mechanical train
A music box
A doll for me
They put their jails
It is past midnight
Hello Christmas
Sleep dear little angels
Be wise, in exchange
You will be granted

Hello Christmas

Ring, ring bells
Today is the feast
Of earth and sky

Merry Christmas
Oh! I have my people
Me my darling doll
And me my swift
Merry Christmas
In the tree that sparkles
All the candles shine
What a beautiful day
Let's dance, dance the circle
Around the big tree
In all the vast world
It's the same
Christmas refrain! Christmas!
It's the joy on earth

It's the heart that hopes
Happiness for everyone

Hello Christmas
Ring, ring bells
Today is the feast
Of the earth and the sky

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